Outstanding craftsmanship

Jewel Tech initially started in 1984 under the name “S.P. Color Stones”. At that time, it mainly specialized in sourcing and selling of fine Burmese rubies, Ceylon sapphires and other precious color stones. As the business grows, the company expanded by establishing a small  in-house workshop to keep up with the demand at its own jewelry store in Bangkok.

Driven by passion and dedication, “Jewel Tech International Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” was established in 1991 with a vision to create the finest jewelry collections at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality and style. Jewel Tech (Jewelry & Technology) was named to honor the huge success we received shortly after opening from our invisible setting collections which formerly ignited our brand awareness. With an impressive craftsmanship, Jewel Tech was able to enter the worldwide market, before earning its reputation as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Presently, Jewel Tech employs more than 200 skilled artisans in-house and continues to produce exclusive collections for well-known jewelry brands, and supplying its finest gold jewelries to stores globally. Jewel Tech exhibits in all of the biggest jewelry trade fairs, launching new collections every show, providing a support network for all of our clients worldwide.

With more than 200 skilled artisans in-house, Jewel Tech is specialized in producing top-quality fine jewelry. The quality of our craftsmanship is our strength, meeting the highest standards of worldwide brands.


  • Manufacturer of gold jewelry
  • Made-to-order
  • Over 200 skilled artisan in-house
  • The finest quality of production
  • On-time delivery
  • Satisfied customers worldwide
  • Excellent after-sales service


For wholesalers and retailers, Jewel Tech’s stock offers more than a thousand pieces of 18K gold jewelry with a variety in sizes, styles and budget for your selection.

Our in-house designers are continuously researching on the current and upcoming trends to come up with designs that are well-appreciated and marketable. Customers can also request for modification of our pieces, or specify the grade of raw materials used to best suit their markets. Upon request, Laser Engraving service of your brand logo is also provided onto the selected pieces for your brand’s value added purpose.

Jewel Tech constantly seeks for innovations to maintain an efficient production line and the most competitive price for our customers.

For customers with their own designs, Jewel Tech’s qualified in-house designers will work with you based on your ideas or sketches. Your designs remain strictly confidential. The production will take approximately 45 – 90 days for initial models depending on the complexity of the pieces, and 30 days or less for repeat orders.

As your satisfaction is our priority, you would be constantly updated on the process and all models would be adjusted until it suits your best needs. In addition, Jewel Tech also does custom design and manufacture for corporate gift and special occasion souvenir.

The Founders

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